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The King Cotton Rounders

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The King Cotton Rounders
Nov 25, 2006 The King Cotton Rounders
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Disc One Set 1 1. (Tuning) 2. Another Song About California 3. Sunny 4. Rearview Mirror 5. Blind Faith 6. Someone Play Dixie For Me 7. WallFlower 8. Don't Forget The Flowers 9. The Hobo Song 10. By The Mark 11. Rockey Racoon 12. If I Were A Carpenter 13. This Old World 14. Waiting At The Gates 15. The Long Night Is Over 16. Sweet Marie* Set 2 17. (tuning) 18. Dashboard Jesus 19. Steam Powered Aereoplaine 20. How Ambler Got It's Name Disc Two 1. As Mean As Kerosene 2. Dusty Blue Suit 3. God...
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Source: oktava mk-012>ua-5>optical cable>iriver h120 (rockbox)
The King Cotton Rounders
Jul 22, 2006 The King Cotton Rounders
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Disc 1 (SET 2) 1. Soundcheck - Copperhead Road 2. I Still Carry You Around 3. Red Clay Halo 4. Blind Faith 5. Steam-Powered Aeroplaine 6. Waiting at the Gates 7. Another Song About California 8. Sunny 9. Wagon Wheel Disc 2 (SET 3) 1. Intro 2. Dashboard Jesus 3. Ain't No More Cane 4. It Takes Alot To Laugh 5. Two Long Years 6. New Madrid 7. As Mean As Kerosene 8. The Hobo Song 9. Rockey Raccoon 10. By My Side
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Source: AT4050 (DIN/90) > Apogee AD1000 > Nomad JB3
The King Cotton Rounders
Feb 21, 2005 The King Cotton Rounders
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Disc 1(Set I): Sometimes She Forgets* New Madrid** Ain't No More Cane*** Evangeline*** Everybody Knows This is Nowhere*& Long Gone Lonesome Blues*&& By The Mark&&& Meet Me in Montauk These Days Take 'Em Away+ Someone Play Dixie For Me++ Hometown Blues* Disc 2(Set II) It Takes alot to Laugh* 16 Tons** Sunny What Else Can I Do? Rearview Mirror > Those Old Wheels She Caught The Katy*** Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You* Two Long Years Sweet Marie Disc 3(Set II...
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Source: Oktava MC012(cardioid)(Stereo Pair) > UA-5(DIY Digi-Mod) > JB3